Guest Bloggers Wanted!

As I mentioned in the past, other obligations often result in this blog not being updated as often as I would like.

Because of that I woud like to formally invite any potential guest bloggers to join in. Guest bloggers have posted great articles in the past and I’d like to continue this tradition.

So if you have ideas, friends with ideas, or simply time to spare (a rare commodity in itself) feel free to write me and contribute.

My only requests are that the content is fairly unique (ie. a google search won’t bring up twenty+ other blogs with the exact same article) and interesting.

Earth day 2011

Like I mentioned before Earth Day has become as much of a marketing tools as it is a cause.

SInce it’s inception however (checkout the first poster here) many good things have come from it and organisations like the Earth Day Network ( that grew out of that first Earth Day have done a lot of good things.

Even though April 22nd is the official Earth Day it is, in my opinion, important to look at the remaining 364 days of the year for actions that cause permanent change, which is evident by the year-round domestic and international programs being run by organizations like the Earth Day Network.

Kissimmee Green Place Tour

We’ve been buying most of our veggies and eggs at a local farm for some time now and could not be happier with the quality and taste. Since they where doing one of their tours (which they do on Saturday and Sunday @ 1:30pm see we decided to take part in the tour.

Not only did it give us a better understanding of why the quality is as it is, it also gave some more insight into how and why the company was founded.

I put together a small Flickr set containing some pictures of the place:
[flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157626427961910"]

I suggest you check out the website also: and visit the actual place if you live in the Kissimmee/Orlando area.

Reusable Shopping Bags With Logo Printing Will Be Used More in L.A. County

Parts of L.A. county have now banned ‘single-use’ plastic bags. These are the typical, traditional plastic bags that have been used in grocery stores for decades. This ban is not alone in the state of California. Many other districts have placed the same ban already.

The measure was adopted by a 3-1 vote in November 2010, supervisors of the county, citing extraordinarily high levels of contamination of residential areas and water bodies. Trashed plastic bags make up almost 25% of the county to clean the litter!

Not only does the latter prohibition prevent stores from giving customers plastic bags for single use, it also goes another step and requires stores to charge a fee of 10 cents for every paper bag. Small plastic bags to contain fruit, vegetables or raw meat separate from other groceries will not be affected by the new law.

This plastic bag ban in California is not entirely a bad thing. Bans plastic bags will create a huge promotional opportunity. Local businesses in the County of Los Angeles would pay attention!

Now that customers do not have access to plastic bags (and reduced access to the paper) – reusable shopping bags with logo printing have quickly become a necessity. Your company can fill an important void by providing non-woven grocery totes to promote to their clients, potential clients and even employees. Beneficiaries will not only appreciate practical gifts, but the printed packaging, will also help create some exposure for brand marketing at any time and wherever they are implemented.

Remember, do not try to change too many things at once. Going green is good for the environment, but only if you actually do. Make small changes, yes, the later stages will come later. You must ensure that you’re still in business to make money and have fun doing it!

When a company has begun to make changes in its impact on the environment, customers need to know! A method of ensuring that customers know that changes are reusable shopping bags with the logo. Companies can use green bags marked to show his customers new environmental measures taken. A logo and slogan can be printed on promotional canvas bag that says something like. “We have Green Initiative” Customers feel much they buy into a company that helps the environment, and also love the new shopping bag given reusable!

Reusable shopping bags are the best form of a mobile billboard. Everyone will see the logo printed on the side.